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Iseki TG6370 & 4in1 Loader

Iseki TG6370 & 4in1 Loader 2
Iseki TG6370 & 4in1 Loader 3
Iseki TG6370 & 4in1 Loader 4
Iseki TG6370 & 4in1 Loader 5
Iseki TG6370 & 4in1 Loader 6
Iseki TG6370 & 4in1 Loader 7
Iseki TG6370 & 4in1 Loader 8
Iseki TG6370 & 4in1 Loader 2
Iseki TG6370 & 4in1 Loader 3
Iseki TG6370 & 4in1 Loader 4
Iseki TG6370 & 4in1 Loader 5
Iseki TG6370 & 4in1 Loader 6
Iseki TG6370 & 4in1 Loader 7
Iseki TG6370 & 4in1 Loader 8
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• Three-range hydrostatic transmission available in 39 and 47hp models

• Standard with 4 wheel-drive and differential lock for exceptional traction in all conditions

• Single pedal forward/reverse feature

• Directional changes are made via the feather touch shuttle lever


• 12 x 12 speed, heavy duty Forward and Reverse Power Shuttle Transmission

• Quick directional changes without clutching

• Available in 36, 47 and 60hp models

• Wet disc brakes – large oil immersed multi-disc brakes means longer lasting, as well as accurate and precise stopping


• Electronically controlled cruise control

• Uninterrupted speed adjustment

• Memory select speed setting


• The TG Series can also be easily equipped with hydraulically operated front-end loaders

• The factory fitted joystick gives the operator precise control of the loader

• Featuring an open centre hydraulic system with up to 47.7L/min, allowing you to lift more and work faster


• Standard with two front hydraulic remote valves and joystick lever

• Pre-plumbed for easy attachment of front end loaders

• Lever controls for rear auxiliary hydraulics

• Two rear remotes fitted as standard with optional couplings available.

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The new Iseki TG 6000 series sets the benchmark for compact tractor quality and performance.  They have been fully designed and manufactured in Japan, giving the TG Series an exceptional build standard reflecting the level of quality expected from a Japanese tractor – starting from the front lights through to the back three-point linkage and everything in between.
Compared to what we mostly see in the compact tractor category, every component, including the engine and transmission, features Iseki’s stamp of approval for quality and excellence.
The Iseki TG6370 4in1 loader provides a host of options and features to choose from, with the unrivalled reliability to get the job done fast, efficiently and in comfort that would only be expected in a much larger machine.  It’s how Iseki Make it Easy!

With the demands of todays increasing workloads the Iseki TG Series transmissions offer the flexibility and performance required to get it done.  With a choice of Iseki’s unique heavy-duty Power Shuttle which can be used as a clutchless shuttle and Hydrostatic transmissions, the TG Series makes it easy with precise and smooth directional changes, while giving you a greater speed range for your desired application.  If its an all-round performer you are looking for, you can’t go past Iseki.  Whether your a farmer, or sports ground curator or a golf course super-intendant, the TG Series leads the field with versatility.

With the addition of a Front-end loader, work is made easy with precise control to lift, lower, float and dump functions.  The TG series also comes with Pre-plumbed hydraulic valves that allow hydraulic flow up to  47.7L/min meaning you can lift more safely and work faster.

If quality is what you are chasing then you can’t go past the Iseki TG6370 4in1 loader and a quick test drive will soon remove any doubts you may have.  Come in and see us for more information, or visit the Iseki website.



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