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Massey Ferguson 4700


Massey Ferguson 4700 Global Series

Massey Ferguson is a name that is one of the most reliable tractor brands ever made.  This quality is continued with the new Massey Ferguson products.   The 60 to 120 horsepower market once represented the largest tractors available but now they account for a huge number of machines in small to medium operations.  Almost every farming application around the world use this size tractor now.  Full scale farming to hobby farming required the development of the Massey Ferguson 4700 series to fill a large number of roles throughout Australia.  Farmers rely on the Massey Ferguson 4700 to meet their requirements day in day out around the globe.  See the new Massey Ferguson Global Series tractors now at North Pine Motors.

The new workhorses of the world

Firstly the new Massey Ferguson 4700 Global Series has been engineered from the ground up to meet the needs of present and future farming.  Massey Ferguson has increased their offering in this market with an array of build specifications.  They also have a number options and accessories to help tailor your machine exactly the way you need it for your farming operation.

Massey Ferguson 4700 Transmission

The Massey Ferguson 4700 Global Series tractors feature all new synchromesh transmissions designed in France.  The new transmission has six synchronised gears along with a new synchronised low to high range change.  Due to this feature, the 4700 series gives unmatched flexibility with a total of twelve forward and twelve reverse speeds.  Furthermore this easy to use transmission gives a top speed of 30 km/h that gives you a suitable gear and speed for almost any application.

AGCO POWER engines specifically designed for Massey Ferguson to power the new Global Series tractors.  These engines develop great fuel efficiency and power that other brands struggle to match.

Options available

Most tractors in this market segment are sold with front end loaders.  A reliable forward and reverse shuttle option will help with these loader applications.  A synchro shuttle and power shuttle with sensitivity control was added to increase the ease of movement between forward and reverse direction for loader work.  Because of the sensitivity control feature, the operator can adjust how fast this operation occurs.

Standard Variants ST

The Standard variant has a simple to use Synchronised mechanical forward and reverse shuttle.  This shuttle lever is located to the left of the operator in an easy to reach position.  This standard model also has the cost effective and proven reliability of the mechanical dry plate clutch for simple operation.

Essential Variants ES

The Essential model comes with a power shuttle giving you a quick change from forward to reverse.  Firstly this is the ultimate in forward and reverse shuttle operation.  Secondly a sensitivity control feature has been added to the Essential model.  Thirdly this shuttle function allows adjustment of the smoothness of the shuttle.  Finally a power control lever is also a feature of the Essential model.  The power control lever allows for smooth clutch less forward and reverse shifting.  As a result loader operations are now much smoother and easier to perform.  Furthermore declutching the tractor can be done with this power control lever giving you more options when working around obstacles.  Consequently the power shuttle and sensitivity control is ideal for quick and frequent changes of direction.  Massey Ferguson tractors of much larger size have had this tried and proven feature for decades.

Other Features

1. 4 cylinder or 3 cylinder AGCO POWER Engine
2. 12 x 12 synchromesh transmission with synchronised shuttle
3. Pivoting front bonnet
4. Footstep or Semi Platform or Operator Station
5. 4WD front axles
6. Electro-hydraulically engaged rear differential lock and 4WD
7. Electronic Linkage Control (ELC)
8. 540 or 540/540E rpm Independent PTO
9. Two Auxiliary spool valves
10. Folding ROPS and optional sun canopy
11. Gear Driven Open Centre Hydraulic System

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