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Trimax Stealth Series 3

Trimax Stealth Series 3 2
Trimax Stealth Series 3 3
Trimax Stealth Series 3 2
Trimax Stealth Series 3 3
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Trimax Stealth Series 3 has been designed to have a higher quality of cut, operate in a wider range of conditions, be safer, more robust, easier to operate and take less time to maintain than any previous Stealth.  Backed by 30 years experience in the Australian market, the concept of Stealth S3 was born from the demand of our Australian customers for a mower that was more versatile in terms of long grass performance and is more user friendly for both the operator and the workshop.

Backed by our three year warranty and Melbourne based parts and technical support, we believe the Stealth S3 to be the best linkage wing mower for passive and active turf in the market.

Ask us how Stealth S3 can transform your environment.


3 YEAR FACTORY-BACKED WARRANTY – We build mowers that last. Our market leading 3 year warranty proves we stand behind our products and you can have confidence in your purchase decision.

REVOLUTIONARY MAINTENANCE-FREE ROLLER BEARING DESIGN – Featuring heavy duty Tri-bolt housings, large triple sealed bearings, replaceable stubs and simple, yet robust patent pending* roller retention. Our innovative roller bearings require no maintenance greasing and have a longer lifespan than any previous Stealth.

STAND-ON COVERS – Provides safe and easy access to the rear of the tractor when coupling the mower.

REDUCED MAINTENANCE – We’ve eliminated the need for daily greasing through many new features. Our revolutionary new roller bearing design is proven to require fewer bearing replacements and our updated spindle technology requires less maintenance and offers greater simplicity. You can spend more time mowing and less time maintaining!

EASY TO CLEAN – The improved belt chamber design results in easy cleaning, with the front openings allowing the grass to be easily washed or blown out.

MOST VERSATILE STEALTH EVER – The improved cutting chamber design means a much improved quality of cut and spread in long and short grass. The new baffle design directs airflow from the blades out and over the rear roller, making the Stealth S3 the most versatile Stealth ever.

EASY, ACCURATE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT – Clearly displayed cut height indicators allow for simple and easy alteration or resetting of cut heights. You can adjust heights without having to raise and lower the wings.

LAZERBLADEZ™ – Stealth S3 is fitted with Trimax LazerBladez™, a blade system with a carefully engineered centre of gravity and distinctive tilt-forward blade design unique to Trimax. For optimum performance and grass spread.


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